The Connection

Economic Development and Our Community

Articles exploring how The University of Texas at Dallas interacts with and impacts the larger Dallas-Fort Worth community.

DFW’s Young Labor Force: Residents and Workers Under 25 Years Old (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

April 27, 2021

Women in STEM Occupations in DFW, 2015-2019 Employment and Earnings (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

March 10, 2021

STEM Employment Growth - Projected Growth in DFW STEM Employment, 2019 to 2029: Computer Occupations (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

February 24, 2021



DFW’s Evolving Labor Market, Part III: Local Cities’ Employment by Industry, 2018 (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

September 18, 2020

DFW’s Evolving Labor Market, Part II: Local Employment by Occupation, 1990 to 2018 (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

September 4, 2020

DFW’s Evolving Labor Market, Part I: Local Employment by Industry, 1990 to 2018 (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

August 21, 2020

DFW’s Future Freshmen: How UT Dallas Can Capitalize on Local Students, Part II (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

August 5, 2020

Working From Home in DFW: An Occupational and Industrial Breakdown (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

July 17, 2020

DFW College Graduates: A Closer Look at Educational Attainment (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

July 7, 2020

DFW’s Future Freshmen: How UT Dallas Can Capitalize on Local Students (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

June 15, 2020

Campus to Career: Employment Outcomes for Business Analytics Graduates (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

June 2, 2020

Campus to Career: Employment Outcomes for Computer Science Graduates (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

April 1, 2020