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UT Dallas

UT Dallas

Economic Development Update

March 23, 2022

DFW Labor Market Update. An electrical tower. Photo Credit: Son Thien Cao on Unsplash [https://unsplash.com/photos/X3b8rF84n_s]

This month’s Labor Market Update has seen a decrease in employment by roughly 50,000 for the Metroplex. To see which industries were hit hardest and how they compare to the previous year, read the full report.

Following the publication of enrollment data for the Summer and Fall of 2021, we have updated our Labor Market Explorer for Students and the UT Dallas Pipeline. These tools are invaluable for students, professors and businesses who would like to learn more about the talent coming out of UT Dallas.

Labor Market Explorer for Students. A person holding a briefcase while straightening a jacket cuff. Photo Credit: Andrea Natali on Unsplash [https://unsplash.com/photos/jdTtkmr1axk]
A group of University officials and students standing in front of a sign that reads “Promise Plus” while collectively holding a giant check for one million five hundred thousand dollars.

The University of Texas System Board of Regents has approved the creation of a $300 million endowment called Promise+ that will be used to expand tuition assistance across the UT System. The impact to UT Dallas and its students will be immense, expanding the thresholds for tuition assistance and opening the funding to transfer students who were previously excluded from other programs.

Read more about this exciting announcement.

We are happy to fulfill customized data requests for our North Texas economic development partners and to connect your organization with resources and contacts at UT Dallas that could lead to mutual economic development partnerships.

Please reach out to F&ED to learn how your organization can partner with UT Dallas.

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