UT Dallas Pipeline

Data and Analysis

Use the dropdown menus in the boxes to filter by SOC [Standard Occupational Classification] (occupation code), occupation title, semester, major, and enrollment level, or search for a term in the Search box. Use the Copy, Excel and Print buttons to export the current table view.

See the Labor Market Explorer for Students to view employment prospects by major.



  • Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication; Business Analytics; and Energy Management are matched with a custom list of occupations.
  • Healthcare Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies have CIP [Classification of Instructional Programs] codes that do not match to any SOC [Standard Occupational Classification] codes at this time.
  • Some occupations were recategorized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics during the period of 2010 to 2019. We are working on matching them together.
  • This tool includes enrollment data from the most recent two years; however, enrollment data from Summer 2010 to the most recent semester are available upon request.